1. Your ad will reach a key demographic:
  • Medical office managers
  • Dental office managers
  • Hospital administrators and office personnel
  • Assisted living, home health and nursing home administrators, staff and sales executives
  1. No other publication in Guilford County reaches this target group specifically.
  2. The cost of advertising is low.
  • Small: $520/year
  • Medium: $1250/year
  • Large: $1440/year
  • Reduced rate available for advertisers who also book an online ad
  1. The perks for advertising are high.
  • You may attend one GMDM luncheon meeting during the year, enjoy lunch as our guest, promote your business at a table, and receive an introduction from the podium.
  • You have an opportunity for a 150-word feature about your business in the newsletter.
  • You receive extra exposure for your ad through the GMDM Puzzler contest, which requires members to look for an answer to a question in all ads in order to win a prize.
  • You receive a free 1-minute info-mercial about your business at a GMDM luncheon when the Puzzler answer is hidden in your ad.


The newsletter circulates monthly to approximately 110 individuals via postal mail and also is posted on the GMDM website, where it can be read by all visitors (no pay wall). In addition to reaching approximately 90 GMDM members who are healthcare professionals, the newsletter also circulates to approximately 20 associate members who are representatives of banks, healthcare consulting groups, medical sales companies, insurance companies, communication firms, and more.

View a sample issue here.

For more information or to reserve your advertising space:

Contact Deanna Thompson via phone at 336-292-6041 or via email at deanna@thompsononline.biz