Resume Resources Committee

Provides GMDM members opportunities to find suitable applicants for open positions in their practices.

Individuals interested in employment at a GMDM member practice. Members may recommend submitting a resume also. NOTE: Contact should be made by managers only, not applicants, including the following:

  • Qualified applicants interviewed but not hired
  • Staff members looking for additional/part time employment
  • Applicants who apply when there is not an open position
  • Friends, relatives, etc. of GMDM members seeking employment

For any questions, or to submit a resume, please e-mail Teresa Rakestraw:
*** A GMDM Resume Application Form must accompany your resume, see below ***



Teresa Rakestraw - Wendover Ob/GYN

Teresa Rakestraw - Wendover Ob/GYN

Chair, Resume Resources Committee

GMDM Resume Application Form

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